Most messages these really attractive women get are very similar. Sometimes they're quite ugly, like an ill-disguised offer to buy the girl's services. Don't go there. These guys are creeps and soon get deleted from the services anyway. Mostly, they are just corny, cliched flirtations that say nothing to the girl that she hasn't heard a thousand times before and go far too far for a first message anyway.
Just put up a profile as a hot girl with a good picture and look at the kind of messages that come rolling in. You'll soon see just how low the competition is. This should boost your confidence. You know you can do a lot better than that.
You need to do things differently. When you find a hot girl that you want to date, send her a message but make it stand out from the crowd. Avoid a title line like, 'Hi beautiful' or 'You're hot!' or anything like that. Write something a little longer that responds to something she has written in her profile.

Women search for prospects online a bit differently than men do. While men mainly focus on the pictures, women are drawn into how a guy chooses to present himself on his profile. However, pictures are the first thing women notice - They have to click on your picture to get to your profile, after all!
Because a man's personality is so important to a woman, you have to convey this in your online dating photographs. Pictures of you in your element are key. You want to show that you do have a life outside of work and your photos should give her a glimpse into who you are as a person.
First, you will want to use current pictures of yourself! You really want there to be no surprises when a woman meets you in real life. You should look the same in your online dating photos as you do in person now.
Don't think that when she meets you in person that she will forgive your weight or hair, 'cause she will be attracted to your personality. She will see you were being deceitful and this will inevitably turn her off. Honestly and confidence is what it's all about.